SecurChek takes the guesswork out of dual enrollment checks.....

 Your facility is paperless.... So why are your dual enrollment checks still generating paper? They won't with SecurChek -- unless you want to print a report of course.

 By removing the human element, we also remove the possibility of mistakes being made by personnel with lack of knowledge or time to complete the dual enrollment check.

 Has a new site moved into your radius? Are you aware of it? Now you will always know as our database is verified with SAMHSA nightly.

 Once your fax requests have been sent by our FaxQueue we monitor the results to be sure all of your requests have a response -- this takes a huge burden off your already busy staff.

 We have over 13 years of in facility experiece - that experience is in over 300 facilities across the United States. We know how your facility operates and we know how to simplify automation.

 Don't you wish you had a quick and easy way of seeing a potential patient's facility history? Not just your facility but EVERY facility the patient has attended? With SecurChek you will be able to see this information as well as a prediction based on history of just how long the patient is anticipated to remain at your facility!

 Don't you wish you had a quick and easy way of providing diversion control information to the state, CARF, or JCAHO? With our feature rich reporting you will have that information in moments - any time you need it!